1867 - The Original Walker Organ

Twyford Organ in 1867The original organ was completed in December 1867 by the firm of J.W.Walker of London for the sum of £160 8s. It replaced an earlier barrel organ and was installed in the west gallery of the old church.

The organ was a one manual instrument of eight stops, two of which were "prepared for" only - in other words the pipes were not installed. The organ carried the opus number 877 and was typical of many almost identical instruments made by Walker at this period. The typical Walker instrument was modest in size but ruggedly built of solid materials. The tone was always exceptional, combining the sweetness characteristic of English organs in the eighteenth century with a new Victorian boldness.

In 1870, Walker quoted £75 to expand the organ by filling the two "prepared for" stops and adding another manual (a Swell Organ) of five stops. The stops proposed were a Suabe Flute 4 and Mixture III added to the Great Organ and a Swell Organ of Open Diapason 8, Stopped Diapason 8, Principal 4, Flfteenth 2 and Oboe 8. This work was never carried out.