1897 - The Burton Enlargement

Photo of the organ as it appeared in 1897 (taken in the 1940s)The small Walker organ under the northern arch of the chancel would have been too small for the new church. It was finally enlarged by the local firm of Richard Burton in 1897 in memory of Mrs Roger Buston.

Burton is unlikely to have had the facilities or staff to make major components himself. It is certain he would have bought pipes from a trade supplier, of which there were many in London. It is quite likely that he also bought in the new swell soundboard and action parts to enlarge the organ to two manuals. The 1897 work was of sound character but it was not as distinguished as the original Walker material which, by contrast, had the true stamp of artistry and pedigree.

The organ survived in this form, with the addition of electrical blowing apparatus in 1948, until 1956.