1989 - Consolidation

By 1989, the growing unreliability of the organ was clear and the local firm of Bishop and White were called in to shore things up. The budget at the time was too tight to allow for an effective long term solution and Bishop and White did as much as was possible within the budget.

The builders pruned the worst excesses of the megalomaniac stop list, replaced some of the electrics and restored the wind pressures to their original levels. Money prevented work on the haphazard arrangements inside the organ and proper fixing of the airtight components, most of which were now beyond sustainable maintenance.

The work was guaranteed for ten years but it was clear to the organbuilders at the time more work would be required soon after the guarantee expired. It had left the church with an organ of no great quality which continued to be unreliable.

I am grateful to David White of Bishop and White for his time re-telling his experiences at Twyford. CH